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To use this plugin, you need to install and activated first the WooCommerce Plugin.

Ultimate Discount is dedicated for creating and managing promo codes, discount, and deal offers for WooCommerce products and shop.

You can create a new discount by following these instructions:

In your wordpress dashboard, navigate to Ultimate Discount. It will have 4 Options: Discount rules, Role Product Prices, Refer a friend, and Settings.


Discount rules

Enable - Option to enable discounts on the products.

Advance Options - Option to show Advance Options inside rules and discount types.

Rules - Click on the Add rule button to create new rules for applying discounts.

  • Rule name - Enter the rule’s name that will be visible to your users.

  • Enable rule - Option to enable a rule.

  • Requirements - Add requirements that need to be met for a rule to apply. You can add more than 1 requirement to a rule.

    • Match everything - Everything is a match for the requirement.
    • Cart Subtotal - A specific amount is reached in the subtotal for the rule to apply.
    • Product in cart - A specific product is added to the cart for the rule to apply.
    • Specific Date - Specific dates are set for the rule to apply.
    • Day of the week - Days of the week where the rule will apply.
    • User Total Spent - The minimum amount that the user has to spend from the first purchase up to date, for the rule to apply.
    • User First Buy - The rule apply only to the user’s first purchase. There is an option for this to work only for registered users.
    • User Role - The rule apply only to the specific roles that are set.


    The Spend more message will show at the Cart with the products if a requirement is not fulfilled. There is a separate Spend more message for every Requirement added except for requirements for days.

  • Discounts - Discounts that will apply when requirements are met. You can add more than 1 discount type to a rule.

    • Discount type - Type of discount to add.

      • Percentage Discount - Set a percentage to discount from the product price.
      • Amount Discount - Set an amount to deduct from the product price.
      • Free product - Set a product to be free. Activate Advance Options to set the product for free.
      • Free shipping - Free shipping for the purchased items.

Role Product Prices

  • Enable - Option to enable discounts on the products depending on the role logged in.
  • Enable for variations - Option to enable discounts on the products.
  • Roles - The roles that are set to have a different price.
  • Message for new price - Add text before the changed price.
  • Show old price - Option to show the original price.

This is how it would look in the Product’s page.



Refer a friend

  • Enable - When enabled users who refer your shop by special link will receive a coupon of your choice once the referred person makes a purchase.

  • Enable for variations - When enabled, social share links on product page will become referral links.

  • Coupon template to use - Choose a coupon to use as template.


    You can make the Coupons in WooCommerce > Coupons.

  • E-mail notification - Option to send an E-mail when granted a discount coupon.

  • E-mail message - Message in the E-mail sent with the coupon.


  • Role names - Edit the role names that will be shown in the site.
  • Show Applied discount names in cart page - Option to show the discount applied on a product in the cart page.
  • Show applied discount names in shop page - Option to show the discount applied on a product in the shop page.
  • Show applied discount name in product page - Option to show the discount applied on a product in the product page.
  • Applied discount message - Message that is show before the discount.
  • Show spend more message in cart page - Option to show Spend more message in the cart page.
  • Spend more message - Message to show as the Spend more message.
  • Buy this product message - Message to show as the Buy this product message.
  • Discount header in product page - The name of the discount that is applied on the product.
  • Discount overlay color - Text color of the discount.
  • Original price overlay color - Texr color of the original price.